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We did a spontaneous paddle event working with the great timing of the winds calming down just in time for kickoff of the Super Bowl. We met at 3:30 at Colman Beach and delighted in the warm sunshine which allowed us to peel off some layers and absorb the warmth and Vitamin D that only nature could provide. We did a little SUP yoga and observed many otter families as they floated along coupled up, mother and baby. We accidentally got between a mother otter and her pup, also known as a whelp, as they came to the surface for air. They screamed for each other as if playing a game of “Marco Polo”. They were reunited in minutes. If it wasn’t for dusk and the darkness coming we would have stayed out longer. We can see this being an annual event. We even made it back home easily in time for the 4th quarter and a few of those great Super Bowl commercials. The rest we could watch on the internet. Hope you’ll join us next year. Look for more fun events with The Paddleboard Company on our events page The Paddleboard Company Events