SUP Yoga


Come “find your balance” with SUP Yoga on beautiful Morro Bay.  Paddle out, clip on an anchor line and let go as we take in the world with all our senses for a complete hour of SUP yoga on beautiful Morro Bay.  Experience the Bay with a whole new perspective.  SUP yoga will transform you  through breath (pranayama), meditation (dhyāna) and yoga postures (asanas).   Our liquid studio offers numerous benefits beyond the typical studio.  With water below you your alignment and stability is radiated back to you as you balance on the standup paddleboard.


The SUP Yoga class begins with a quiet meditation, breathing anSUP Yogad intention setting exercise.  With low center of gravity we get well acquainted with our place on the board with respect to the water.  Each posture (asana) is designed to offer you feedback (if you are paying attention) to enhance you confidence as we elevate our center and play with points of contact.    

Come “find your balance”.  Classes are for all levels. 

No standup paddleboarding or yoga experience necessary.  (Yes, really ;-)).  

This experience will also help you improve your recreational and competitive SUP skills as well.

  • Dress in dry wicking layers.  
  • Fitness gear is best and AVOID cotton.  
  • Layers will allow you to peel off or put on as needed.  
  • ALL equipment is included.  
  • We use Boga Yoga boards, specifically designed for yoga and fitness.  They are buoyant and stable so you can test your confidence at your own pace.  
  • You can use your own standup paddleboard but need prior approval.  Your enjoyment and comfort are key to enable the full benefits of this experience.

Come “Find Your Balance” with us!  Book your Yoga Class today!

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