SLO-CAL Winter SUP Race #6 Results and Recap

The final race of SLO-CAL Winter SUP race series was full of surprises, however, there was no surprise that the turnout doubled from the first race proving that there’s indeed a budding race scene on the California’s Central Coast!

As promised, there was a ‘chaotic’ start to the race where paddlers were required to paddle completely around the dock located about 100 feet from the beach start.  Racers could choose to go in either direction and this made for some great spectating, a couple of near collisions, and a format that didn’t necessarily put the typical leaders in the front at the start.  With several more buoy turns following within close vicinity, pro paddler Alyson Fromm initially lead the pack with her technical turning skills.

Once the pack split up to to paddle towards to the south end of the bay, our very own team paddler, Dan Miller, took a strong lead out in front.  Paddlers then came back north towards the rock, rounding a buoy near the mouth of the bay, then paddling back to finish with a short run up the beach.  The weather was spectacular and the wind held off.  Awards took place directly after at Otter Rock Cafe where we grabbed lunch and all first place finishers in attendance took home a brand new FitBit!

Thanks go out to all the racers for their support!  Special mentions go out to our loyal and most improved paddlers from the series; Derek LaVoie, Pat Renshaw, Stan Juarez and Richard Grise.   Thank you to Dave and Rhonda Daum from King’s Paddlesports for the surprise visit, it was great to check out their cutting edge custom SUP boards and new developments of foils.  Special thanks to FitBit & Otter Rock Cafe for sponsoring our event.   Race 6 results and overall series results posted below along with MANY photos for your viewing pleasure.  See you for our SLO-CAL Spring race series beginning Saturday, April 1st.  Details HERE    Thanks again and see you soon!  Aloha

Course Map: 3.5 Miles

SLO-CAL Winter SUP Race #6 Course

Race 6 Results/Points

Men Unlimited

  1. Richard Harrison 42:16 (10pts)
  2. Jeff Weit 51:47 (9pts)

Men 14′

  1. Dan Miller 39:03 (10pts)
  2. John Davis 43:12 (9pts)
  3. Shan Thomas 43:55 (8pts)
  4. Derek LaVoie 49:06 (7pts)
  5. Stan Juarez 1:02 (6pts)
  6. Mike Mallo 1:03 (5pts)
  7. Ken Twist DNF

Men 12’6

  1. Dave Daum 44:36 (10pts)
  2. Randy Johnson 45:20 (9pts)

Men 11’6 & Under

  1. Randy Rutkowski 1:07 (10pts)

Women 14′

  1. Kacy Twist 1:22:35 (10pts)

Women 12’6

  1. Alyson Fromm 41:35 (10pts)
  2. Mary Robinson 45:55 (9pts)

Women 11’6 & under

  1. Adrienne Larrique 1:22:40 (10pts)
  2. Ashleigh 1:23:30 (9pts)
  3. Pat Renshaw & Tanner DNF

Junior Women

  1. Kendra Twist 58:00 (10pts)

Race meeting, “It’s going to be chaotic!”

Colorful beach of boards!


Alyson Fromm showing us how it’s done!

Shan Thomas finishing strong!

Nikki & Jorge keeping score


Dave Daum and his foil board!

Drone pilot- Gavin Twist


Overall Series Results/Points

Men Unlimited

  1. Richard Harrison (30pts)
  2. Jeff Weit (9pts)

Men 14′

  1. Dan Miller (60pts)
  2. Derek LaVoie (46pts)
  3. Shan Thomas (33pts)
  4. Stan Juarez (24pts)
  5. Ken Twist (18pts)
  6. Paul Gallo (14pts)
  7. Mike Mallo (12pts)
  8. Vince Shay/John Davis (9pts)
  9. Dan Rogers (8pts)

Dan Miller 1st Pace Men’s 14 & a new FitBit Surge

Men 12’6

  1. Randy Johnson (19pts)
  2. Dave Daum/Robert Breese (10pts)
  3. Mike Elder (9pts)

Men 11’6 & Under

  1. Randy Rutkowski (39pts)
  2. Randy Johnson (20pts)
  3. Richard Grise (17pts)

Randy and his new FitBit Surge

Women 14′

  1. Kacy Twist (30pts)
  2. Sonja Wieck (10pts)

Women 12’6 & Under

  1. Mary Robinson (28pts)
  2. Alyson Fromm (20pts)

Women 11’6 & Under

  1. Adrienne Larrique (20pts)
  2. Pat Renshaw (19pts)
  3. Ashleigh (9pts)

Pat & Tanner

Junior Women

  1. Kendra Twist (10pts)


  1. Foster Campbell (10pts)

Kendra Twist and proud mama!

Flowers for the race director! Thank you!

Below images: photo credits to Jim Robinson/MBSUP

Gathering for the race meeting

Lining up for a beach start


Mary Robinson looking solid!

John Davis on his 14′ Riviera

Pat & Tanner, and Randy going around the dock

Richard Harrison and Mary Robinson choosing different directions around the dock.

Race Series Recap