SLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3

The ‘ 14 and back’

Face to Face with Pacific Storm Lucifer

SLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3 minus Dan

Derek, Vince, Stan, Shan, Nikki, Richard, Dan (missing), Sandi (photographer)


Race #3  The Infamous ’14 and Back’ 
SLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3
The SLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3 was one for the history books.  With Pacific Storm ‘Lucifer’ leaving a fresh trail of destruction in it’s path from the previous day, there was still a lingering wind that began to ramp up quickly as the racers gathered at Coleman Beach.  No one even tried to put up the registration tent for this one!   Two local racers opted out of competing for the day, and instead came to give their support and watch the excitement.
SLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3 route

Race #3 Route deemed the Infamous ’14 and back’ 1.72 Miles:

As the 30mph wind gusts began to become more consistent, it was unanimously decided to shorten course the original course to half the distance.  The start began in protection of the jetty/boardwalk between the Rock and Coleman beach which gave the racers a straight bee-line shot for mile marker 14, the turn around point.  Don’t let the calm water start fool you.  It quickly got rugged as the racers caught the wind at their backs and rode the white caps (or really the brown caps, due to rain run off into the bay).
SLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3 the start
This SLO-CAL Winter Race #3 began with a very quick ‘downwinder’ from Coleman Beach to channel marker 14 across from the Morro Bay Yacht Club (which only took racers approximately 6 minutes), followed by a challenging paddle back to the beach against some very hefty headwinds.  As each racer rounded the channel marker it was evident that it was going to be a test of strength, endurance and how well fueled each racer was for the grunt back to the beach.  As expected, each racer found their own route and grinded their way to the finish line where new ‘bro-mances’ formed and everyone was all smiles, and high fives!
  SLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3 Vince and DanSLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3 Dan
       Vince and Dan pushing their way back to the beach.                            Dan giving it a final push to take the lead.
We were especially stoked to have our friend Vince Shay from Avila Beach Paddlesports join in for the fun and and also welcome back Dan Miller, Shan and Derek LaVoie who were all on 14’ boards.  Stan and Richard opted to watch the action for the day, but we loved having the extra friends to support the race whether participating or not.  With the whipping wind we needed extra hands to load and unload boards.
The race was 1.72 miles, and although it was quick, it won’t be quickly forgotten by the team of racers.  As always, the SUP community looked out for each other and everyone helped carry the boards to and from the beach to prevent any flyaway SUPs.  After boards were loaded, it was time to refuel at Otter Rock Cafe with brunch, Bloody Mary’s and to recap the details of this adventure.
Join us next week, Saturday Feb 25th, for Race #4, looks like the weather will be great and a little more paddling friendly.  Thanks again to everyone who came out and to our main race sponsor FitBit:
Route:  1.72 Miles:
  1. Dan Miller           27:33 (10pts)
  2. Vince Shay         29:06  (9pts)
  3. Shan Thomas     31:19  (8pts)
  4. Derek LaVoie      36:02  (7pts)
SLO-CAL Winter Paddle Race #3 the end

THE FEARLESS FOURSOME goes face to face with Pacific Storm “Lucifer”