Prone paddleboarding can give you an exciting new way to train while you enjoy all the beauty Morro Bay has to offer.  This growing sport shares deep roots and evolved amongst surfers and old school watermen on the California Coast.


Dress warm and prepare to get wet. Prone boards are much different that their Stand Up counterparts. They are built for speed, not necessarily stability so be ready to challenge yourself and enjoy the learning curve!

We also have a “try before you buy” demo program so if a prone paddle board is on your wishlist, you can schedule a demo and you will get that price credited back to you if you find the right board for you.

Prone Paddleboard Sales

We are also the only retailer on the Central Coast to carry BARK paddleboards. We have Carbon, ProElite, and AST boards available in our shop and can order whatever we don’t have in stock for you!