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2016 Rock-to-Pier 10k Paddle Recap

Everyone had lots of fun at the Brian Waterbury Memorial Rock-to-Pier run and paddle on Saturday. The event kicked off at iconic Morro Rock in Morro Bay at 8:30 AM. The ocean was a little grumpy at the start with wind, fog, and side chop. One of our paddlers from San Diego discovered he needed a better compass when he got into a fog bank south of Cayucos. Conditions improved as the paddlers moved up the coast to Cayucos where the chop turned to glass and the sun came out near the finish.

All in all, it was a fun event and everyone was stoked at their accomplishment- it’s all about having fun. We look forward to working with the City of Morro Bay in building the SUP and paddle class in 2017!

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Find your balance SUPing remote locations

Summer is our favorite time of year for exploring mountain lakes and rivers. We like to find places away from the crowds in hard to reach places to reflect on life, decompress, and simplify.

This usually entails a bivy, water, bug srpay, sunscreen, freeze-dired food, coffee, fly rod, an inflateable SUP, and three peice paddle. Getting there can be challenging, but the rewards are big.

Breakfast is over. Time to paddle and find some fish.

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